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Lacey Kit
Slash, Football and Lace
Slash Pairing Playlist 
21st-Jan-2012 05:07 pm
Schalke jersey
Ok, bro. I made a playlist of songs for different pairings because I was bored and it seemed like a good idea.

Criselo – Ai Se Eu Te Pegu (Michel Telo)
Crozil – Rocketeer (Far East Movement)
Fabsillas – Live to Tell the Tale (Passion Pit)
Gerlonso – Days Go By (Dirty Vegas)
Seriker – I Can Feel Your Heartbeat (Enrique Iglesias)
Danando – Belong (Washed Out)
Skagger – Dry Lips (Dune)
Neuchida – Sway (The Kooks)
Hommels – Fireflies (Owl City)
Muslim Bros – Ich kenne nichts (Xavier Naidoo/RZA)
Fabpersie – Come Back Home (Two Door Cinema Club)
Criska – Something Beautiful (Needtobreathe)
Schweinez – Countdown (Beyonce)
Gralonso – I Want to Hold Your Hand (The Beatles)
Leonaldo – Echoes (Klaxons)
WoJack – Sticks and Stones (Jonsi)
Manu/Ivan – Limbo (Kimbra)
Adler/Mario – Holidays (Miami Horror)
Neuwedes – The Music (David Usher)

The list is really random and some pairings are not there because I either refuse to touch them/or I didn't find I song that made me thing of them. I would make a long post explaining why I picked each song but it would mostly boil down to "because it felt like them."

A few notes though:

- Fireflies wasn't my decision. It's in that video of Benni and Mats and it was fucking adorable so I decided, yeah. It works.
- Sway also is not my choice. Noam has apparently designated it to be a Neuchida song so it's the Neuchida song.
- Ai Se Eu Te Pego also wasn't mine. I think you guys get it though.
- The CrisKa one being Christian Rock was not on purpose. :X It just happened. I swear.

I think that's everything you need to know.
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